Yuktie  Jhangiani

Yuktie Jhangiani


Yuktie Jhangiani is a 3rd generation entrepreneur. She joined the family business in 2010, after completing her education as a CA and MBA (Finance). She is a certified mountaineer from the Himalayan Institute of Mountaineering.<br>After 5 years of customer interaction and travelling in India, she realized the opportunity for multi-functional clothing in India. Kosha was started with the dream to tap into this opportunity. Kosha�s collection has been worn by the IAF, HMI and Indians travelled to more than 50 countries.<br>She is passionate about the mountains, yoga and making responsible choices. Yuktie practices composting, enjoys running and feels that being fit is important to being an entrepreneur. On her travel wish list includes a road trip to countries part of the Silk Route.<br>Early History<br>�Kosha� was earlier known as Prrem�s which was launched in the year 1996 in Bandra, Mumbai by Yuktie�s grandmother, Prem Vazirani. Yuktie�s grandfather, Mr. Alimchand Vazirani mentored his wife and daughter, Vandana Jhangiani to come on board and sustain the business. Vandana Jhangiani later went on to handle the complete operations of Premms, making customer centricity the focus of the business. By 2010, Yuktie and her sister Diipti took over the reins of the business from their mother, bringing in a lot of technology to its systems and putting a lot of processes in place. This was the first step towards transforming a family led business from a caterpillar to a butterfly. Later on, Yuktie spearheaded the business with product research, new product development which culminated into a rebranding exercise for their family business as �Kosha� in 2017.<br>Kosha Team<br>Yuktie has built a young and wonderful team of outdoor enthusiasts at Kosha who bring their own self-discovery and travel tales to the table. Some of them climb the highest peaks with ease while some of them take pride in exploring world cultures. Kosha is also rewriting the traditional workforce norms with a team that is 70% women. Piece by piece, Yuktie has built a canvas that brings the unique styles of the team together to paint a traveller's dream. The individual travel stories of people behind Kosha has helped build a community of explorers and responsible travellers.

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