Rewati  Prabhu

Rewati Prabhu

ED, Cities
Frischmann Prabhu

Rewati Prabhu is an architect and urban planner with training from Pune University, University of Michigan and the London School of Economics. A part of the core team that set up Frischmann Prabhu India in 1995, she has led master-planning projects in both emerging markets and the developed world, with commissions in the US, Europe, India and Africa. At RSBGI, she is working on URBANKIND, an initiative to sustainably regenerate town-centres in the UK. In India, she has been advising smart cities on issues like mobility, transit- oriented- development and affordable housing. While at the LSE, Rewati developed a report on wellbeing metrics for cities and explored the role of urban planning within it. Rewati is particularly passionate about rehabilitating natural and cultural assets within cities, to create a sense of place.<br><br>Apart from her work in urban planning, Rewati is currently setting up an enterprise to recycle waste fabric as a substitute for single-use packaging. She is also one of the Founder Members of Jagriti Yatra, a programme to stimulate enterprise-led development in India. The program has nurtured over 1,000 enterprises and been recognised by the President of India.<br><br>Highlights of engagement in green transport systems:<br>�Executive Director- Cities at RSBG UK<br>�Closely involved in and led major transportation projects, including the Delhi Metro<br>�Led a study on Low-Carbon Economic Corridors in India<br>�Developed the transit-oriented-development strategy for Andhra Pradesh Capital Region<br>�Authored a study on Wellbeing Metrics for Cities at the LSE<br>�Advises Indian smart cities on sustainable development<br>

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