Pari  Natarajan

Pari Natarajan

CEO & Co-Founder

Pari Natarajan is the CEO &amp; Co-founder of Zinnov, a global management and strategy<br>consulting firm. He has driven the globalization vision for more than 250 Fortune 500<br>companies and has helped them transform their businesses across dimensions of revenue<br>enablement, productivity, innovation, market access, growth and cost efficiencies.<br>With 20+ years of extensive industry experience, Pari brings in a wealth of expertise in<br>innovation strategies, market creation, and global engineering optimization, which global<br>customers have successfully leveraged to create sustainable competitive advantage. He has<br>also consulted with global Private Equity firms to chart the growth and value creation<br>strategies across their portfolio companies. Pari has orchestrated strategic global M&amp;A<br>deals for Engineering R&amp;D; Technology, Media &amp; Telecommunications; Telecom and<br>Networking firms across global locations.<br>Under Pari�s leadership, Zinnov has been consistently featuring on IAOP�s (International<br>Association of Outsourcing Professionals) prestigious World�s Best Outsourcing Advisors<br>list for the past decade. And in 2019, Zinnov was recognized as the �Best of the World�s<br>Best Outsourcing Advisors.�<br>Pari is a serial entrepreneur and has successfully incubated TalentNeuron, a tech-enabled<br>talent analytics and consulting platform, which was acquired by CEB, Gartner company.<br>He has also co-founded DRAUP, an ML-powered sales and talent intelligence platform.<br>Pari is a prolific thought leader, who often shares his insights and unique perspectives at<br>global technology conferences and forums. He is also an influencer and is looked up to by<br>many global leaders for Intrapreneurial and strategic insights to drive growth.<br>Prior to heading Zinnov, Pari held management positions at Praja and Centric Software.<br>He holds an M.S. in Industrial Engineering from Iowa State University.

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