Mumtaz Shaikh

Mumtaz Shaikh

Women Empowerment program, CORO India

Mumtaz Shaikh’s trajectory from being a victim of domestic violence to being figured in BBC’s list of 100 influential women globally in the year 2018 indicates her commitment and motivation to combat violence against women. Mumtaz currently leads a 14500 households program on changing social norms on violence against women that works with women and men, boys and girls. Mumtaz's understanding of community context, of women’s issues, and her ability to take risks to stick to her gender-equitable position makes her a better leader. Mumtaz's contribution in empowering Muslim women and girls by being a ‘role model’ has immense value. Mumtaz has been a co-researcher in academic research on ‘Meanings of women’s empowerment.


CORO-Dalberg workshop: Moving towards equity centered research

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