Kamya  Chandra

Kamya Chandra

Fellow iSpirt

ameshwari (Kamya) Chandra is a Fellow at iSPIRT Foundation, building public digital infrastructure to drive the radical growth of micro and small businesses -- the nation�s largest employers. She was previously the Skilling &amp; Entrepreneurship Lead at EkStep Foundation (the creators of the DIKSHA EdTech platform), where she helped the Ministry of Skill Development adopt a strategy on digital credentialing and publish open digital Registries accessible via APIs of skilling institutes, teachers, and courses. <br><br>A development economist by training, she was the third hire of the World Bank�s Identification for Development (ID4D) team in Washington which worked to bring the innovations of India�s Aadhaar approach to Nigeria, Cote d�Ivoire, and other developing countries. Prior to this, she was with the Boston Consulting Group in London, working chiefly with the banking and public sector practices. She holds an MPA-ID from the London School of Economics &amp; Political Science and a BA in Economics from St. John's University in New York.<br>

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