Dr Sunderrajan Krishnan

Dr Sunderrajan Krishnan

Executive Director
INREM Foundation

Dr Sunderrajan Krishnan is the Executive Director of INREM Foundation. He has a B Tech in Civil Engineering from IIT Bombay and a PhD in Geological and Environmental Sciences from Stanford University. Currently, he is a member of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Water Quality Committee for the Handbook of Water Resource Management. Dr Krishnan’s work has mainly been in the two areas of Water harvesting and groundwater management, and in Water quality and health. Within these areas, he has been involved in several projects, ranging from policy analysis, impact analysis, to designing field interventions and communications. The path breaking work of reversing Fluorosis is something that Dr Krishnan and INREM are known for. His main work currently is in the area of water quality problems in India and the diseases linked with these.


Session 4: Challenges and solutions for the provision of safe drinking water in water quality affected geographies

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