Chetana  Pawar

Chetana Pawar


Chetana is a start up founder with an exit in her earlier startup which was acquired by deAzzle Services, a venture by Dr. Anand Deshpande (MD , Persistent System)<br>Chetana is the COO of deAzzle which is a mobile/web platform based services company (iPaaS model) focused to serve the micro and small business enterprise (MSME�s) space. With a Vision of being able to help the small businesses by bringing business online, so as<br>to help them grow faster.<br><br>She has completed her graduation in Computer Science Engineering from Govt. College of Engineering Pune (COEP) as an outstanding student, bagging the highest paid job in the college campus. In her IT career of 16 years, Chetana has worked for a number of multinational companies across the globe. She has spent over 8 years in the UK while working for these companies.<br><br>After returning back from the UK, Chetana worked into the service industry as their operations manager. That was the time she found out a number of pain areas the small businesses have to face every day. With that experience and a passion to change the way small businesses work, Chetana formed her first start-up Outgo Payment Solutions in 2016. With an 8 member team, Outgo grew to 200+ seller base and 25,000+ user base who were using the platform on a regular basis. In Outgo�s journey, Chetana and team managed to get into the Tie Nurture 5.0 program for an 8-month mentoring program. Chetana also managed to get Outgo into a PayPal Cohort @ Village Capital. As a team Outgo received the best start-up award at Tiecon 2017, Best upcoming start-up @ Maxell Foundation and the list goes on.<br><br>In 2018, Outgo was taken over by Dr. Anand Deshpande and merged into deAzzle to serve a bigger customer base. Chetana looks after the partnerships, alliances and seller growth at deAzzle. With her domain expertise, she plans to take deAzzle pan India and help every small business to grow digitally.<br><br>In her spare time, Chetana likes to read, listen to music and watch movies.

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