Arun Maira

Arun Maira

Former Member of Planning Commission of India

Arun Maira has an unusual combination of experience as a hands-on leader in the business, public, and social sectors, as well as a consultant to leaders, and also a thought-leader on subjects of leadership and institution transformation. He has written several books on institutional transformation and the future of India, including A Billion Fireflies: Critical Conversations to Shape a New Post-Pandemic World;; The Solutions Factory: A Consultant’s Handbook for Problem-Solving;; Transforming Systems: Why the World needs a New Ethical Toolkit;; and Transforming Capitalism: Improving the World for Everyone. Arun was a Member of India’s Planning Commission from 2009-14, prior to which he was Chairman of the Boston Consulting Group India, and previously had worked with the Tata Group in India and abroad for 25 years.


Accelerating India's transition to a new economy through development of human capital

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