Anand Kutre

Anand Kutre

True Consultancy Assistive Technology

Anand is a dynamic mechanical engineer with more than 25 years of in-depth experience across product innovation, product strategy, development, consulting and delivery; business development; sales and marketing; strategy and negotiations; and lean team management. He is the founder of True Consultancy Assistive Technology which is a disability inclusion company focusing on creating assistive tech products for mobility. He has couple of patents for some of the innovative products that he has developed. TurnPlus is one such product which is award winning, patent pending and addresses the very important aspect of easy commute for the PWDs. He believes that, People with Disabilities (PwDs) should have solutions that will help them make choices of stepping out and being independent. He plans to add new products to the portfolio which will help in disability inclusion. He wants to create solutions for PwDs which will enable them to go from their home to office desk with ease, thus empowering them. At True Assistive Technology, we develop Assistive tech products of International standards that enable disability inclusion. We want to make in India, quality and standardized products for India. We want to emerge as leaders in Assistive Technology and contribute positively to the upliftment of PwDs.

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