Collaborations: Ushering in a new way forward in India

We have problems. Problems of access to even basic necessities affecting large swathes of our population, which need to be solved with urgency to avert multiple crises. Recent studies, such as the one by our co-host Bridgespan titled “How Philanthropic Collaborations Succeed and Why They Fail” and examples from across the globe indicate that working together, collaboratively, organizations can achieve far greater results than by going at it alone.  

The question then arises: is collaboration the new way forward to solve problems at scale, in India? Will global lessons customised to the unique set of circumstances that affect our country help us leap forward faster, as have lessons in other spheres of industry and commerce. During this session, we will hear global and Indian perspectives from the many collaboratives in place currently and explore questions around making collaborations work effectively and efficiently.

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14th August 2021
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