Skill Development & Entrepreneurship

Skill development for a gig economy

As India’s economy becomes gig-oriented, with the advent of social media, small, local and homegrown businesses are rising along with a lot of push and policy interventions from the government. Job creation can be increased if more people are skilled and vocationally trained. This will enable more self-start businesses and services, empowering the country’s youth. A key element during the discussion will also be on how gig economy is accelerating the entrepreneurship and self-employment ecosystem, providing impetus to the growth of new businesses and providing potential entrepreneurs an opportunity to pave their enterprises in these critical times.
A report by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation (MSDF) and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) says the gig economy has the potential to serve up to 90 million jobs — 30% of the non-farm employment — and add 1.25% to India’s GDP

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13th August 2021
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