Institute for Sustainable Communities: Strengthening the Decentralized Renewable Energy Ecosystem in Rural India

Climate justice is making its way into mainstream policy decisions as an evidence-based response to social, ecological and economic injustice. Decentralised or distributed renewable energy (DRE) systems play an important role in achieving universal electrification to address the country's shortage of energy accessibility and support attaining energy democracy. These systems can leapfrog India’s energy transition not only by strengthen India’s energy infrastructure, but also accelerate RE expansion that is still focused on large grid-scale solar whilst also reduce GHG emissions, create green jobs, and develop skills essential for a sustainable future. DRE are primarily stand-alone systems and microgrids, which are fuelled by renewable resources and located near load points, can offer power for cooking, heating/cooling, lighting and even industrial purposes. DRE provides a platform for socially disadvantaged populations to be uplifted through empowerment of women as well as improved health and education thereby facilitating a just transition.

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13th August 2021
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