India Climate Collaborative: DRE Solutions at the Agriculture - Energy Nexus

DRE based agri-solutions (both pre and post-harvest) such as irrigation pumps, cold storages, and processing equipment are critical for both building livelihood resilience and promoting a green recovery from the pandemic. While the solutions themselves aren't new, the market for DRE based agri-solutions is still nascent in terms of business models, financing and demand. The objective of this session is to understand the suitable approaches required to achieve scale in the sector, enabling donors to play a catalytic role instead of an incremental one and leverage opportunity for impact both in terms of avoiding GHG emissions and enhancing rural livelihoods. We want to bring together both the funders and implementors of agriculture focused DRE solutions for a conversation to unpack the enabling levers for achieving rapid growth and adoption of solutions in this sector.

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13th August 2021
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