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Impact investing - the new mainstream

Impact is the new Mainstream :  is an evolved understanding of Impact Investing and will feature two renowned impact investors who will help understand the imperative need to look at resilience and returns with an impact lens. 

The Session will lay threadbare how impact has shown significant results in the pandemic  and how in a world where a global health crisis has left many with no means to reconstruct their lives, Impact investing model offers an opportunity to address the most pressing challenges the pandemic has presented. 

The Session would also cite how ESG and returns go hand in hand and how impact has changed over the years, the post pandemic view and how impact and sustainable driven investments are changing the investing landscape overall.

The Key takeaway from this leadership panel  would be to make them understand that impact investing has come a long way and is no more a good to have but a must in the post pandemic scenario and how it drives true economic revival.

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15th August 2021
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