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Everyone Making Justice: Why only population-scale citizen agency can close the justice gap in India

Agami has worked closely with formal and informal systems of justice and seen for itself the importance of investing in citizen changemaking capacity to address justice needs at scale. 

This is rooted in the idea that citizens have a role to play in creating solutions for themselves and their communities. That it is not enough to equip citizens to be legally literate, and that we must equip thousands of people, particularly young people, to exercise greater agency and actually address justice needs.

We seek to double down on this belief and energy to scale access to justice in India, where thousands of people have an opportunity to participate in transforming a system that has historically been seen outside the scope of individual, and especially youth, intervention.

We are already seeing signs of it. The pandemic saw young leaders step up with creativity and abundant energy to bridge the gaps in the formal systems where needed and serve their communities. They know how to understand the needs of people, mobilise communities, work with local authorities and processes, deal with imperfect information, create awareness, find solutions and take action. These are the very same building blocks that we need to make justice for all a reality.

This deep dive will be the first, and therefore, the beginning of public conversations on what it'll take to build a movement to generate accessible justice solutions to every Indian.

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14th August 2021
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