charcha 2020

As COVID-19 is wiping away years of our developmental progress in weeks, the ability to reinvent ourselves and rebuild is more critical than ever before. With the development sector grappling with shrinking resources, the way forward requires a coming together of all stakeholders - nonprofits, government, corporates, foundations, academia and philanthropists.

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Resilient Health Systems
Samaj, Sarkar, Bazar for India's development: Opening plenary
Accelerating India's transition to a new economy through development of human capital
Supercharging philanthropy through technology
Gender and Energy
Tearing up Philanthropy’s rulebook
लगे रहो: Building on Civic Engagement after the Second Wave
लिफ्ट करा दे: A Funder’s Perspective on Civic Engagement
Session 1: हम लोग : An Examination of Civic Engagement in India
The/Nudge Forum | agri charcha
The/Nudge Forum | agri charcha
The/Nudge Forum | agri charcha
The/Nudge Forum | agri charcha
The/Nudge Forum | agri charcha
The/Nudge Forum | agri charcha
The/Nudge Forum | agri charcha
global edition 2020 | Philanthropy, Innovation, and Social Entrepreneurship: Deshpande Foundation's quest for long term impact
global edition 2020 | Plenary: My Investing Journey
global edition 2020 | Social Investment for Systems Change
global edition 2020 | Plenary: Free trade, geo-political trends and a blueprint for economic prosperity
global edition 2020 | Opening Plenary: India's fight against poverty
global edition 2020 | Welcome Address: Coming together for India's resurgence
global edition 2020 | The Indian National Anthem presented by American singer and actress, Mary Millben
global edition 2020 | Introduction to The/Nudge Forum (global edition)
Plenary | Evolving role of Foundations in India's development journey | #charcha2020
Plenary | Convergent India to a better post COVID-19 world by Rajiv Kumar | #charcha2020
Plenary | Fireside with Prof Muhammad Yunus on “Going Back to the Tabula Rasa” | #charcha2020
Plenary | Economist panel: Indian economy-recovery through inclusive growth | #charcha2020
Plenary | What shall I do with all this money? | #charcha2020
Plenary | Beyond charcha 2020: India's priorities | #charcha2020
Plenary | Keynote - Dr. Kailash Satyarthi - Compassionate Economy for Sustainable Dev | #charcha2020
Law & Justice | Barkha Dutt, Faye D’Souza - From the Ground Up: Media Innovations at the Frontlines of Justice| #charcha2020
Law & Justice | Next-Gen Legal Services: Unlocking the Full Potential of Legal Data | #charcha2020
Law & Justice | Making Relief Rupee Count: Ensuring that Citizens Get the Full Value of Their Rights & Entitlements | #charcha2020
Law & Justice | Moving from Conflict to Collaboration: Resolving Disputes Differently | #charcha2020
Law & Justice | One Click to Justice: The Digital Future of Indian Courts | #charcha2020
Land & Property Inclusivity | Land4Women: Gender Based Violence and Land | #charcha2020
Land & Property Inclusivity | LandPower: Empowering Dalits through Land | #charcha2020
Land & Property Inclusivity | #FieldStories: Land and Life | #charcha2020
Land & Property Inclusivity | #LandInNorthEast: Paradigms of Development, Gender, Equity | #charcha2020
Land & Property Inclusivity | #Land4Women: COVID19 & beyond | #charcha2020
Land & Property Inclusivity | #LandMatters : Rural Relief and Recovery | #charcha2020
The Urban Informal Economy | Identity and Service Delivery | #charcha2020
The Urban Informal Economy | Improving Affordable Urban Housing Community Needs and State Response | #charcha2020
The Urban Informal Economy | Prepared Communities for Resilient Futures | #charcha2020
The Urban Informal Economy | Numbers Speak: Migrants and the Informal Economy | charcha2020
The Urban Informal Economy | Book Talk - Embedded Infrastructures of Millennial Mumbai | #charcha2020
The Urban Informal Economy | Panel Discussion Voices from the Community | #charcha2020
Land & Property Inclusivity | #Tech4Land | #charcha2020
WASH | Safeguarding the vulnerable urban populations | #charcha2020
WASH | Health Care Facilities – How to ensure necessary changes and sustain them? | #charcha2020
WASH | Hygiene behavior change in communities | #charcha2020
WASH | Content & Campaigns: Media & Communications on WASH in post-COVID-19 era | #charcha2020
WASH | Civil society leaders on ‘WASH given COVID19 and beyond’ | #charcha2020
Skill Dev & Entrepreneurship | Panel: Enabling virtual learning for skilling at scale | #charcha2020
Skill Dev & Entrepreneurship | Disruptive thinking and platform economies to drive progress | #charcha2020
Skill Dev & Entrepreneurship | Platforms to connect and support opportunities and workforce | #charcha2020
Skill Dev & Entrepreneurship | Keynote: Collaboratives/Collectives for Mass Entrepreneurship | #charcha2020
Skill Dev & Entrepreneurship | Inspirational Story: Prema Gopalan | #charcha2020
Skill Dev & Entrepreneurship | Enabling market structures to reduce gaps and externalities | #charcha2020
Skill Dev & Entrepreneurship | Governance and policies to create an environment for accelerated | #charcha2020
Skill Dev & Entrepreneurship | Keynote: Skilling for future by Ajai Chowdhry | #charcha2020
Skill Dev & Entrepreneurship | Inspirational Story: Aswath Narayanan | #charcha2020
Skill Dev & Entrepreneurship | Inspirational Story : Ruma Devi | #charcha2020
Skill Dev & Entrepreneurship | Sectoral Challenges and Opportunities in the times of COVID-19 | #charcha2020
Skill Dev & Entrepreneurship | Placements, Jobs and Livelihood Opportunities for Unorganised Sector | #charcha2020
Skill Dev & Entrepreneurship | Panel: Emerging perspectives of funders | #charcha2020
Skill Dev & Entrepreneurship | Innovative ideas to transform skill Development | #charcha2020
Skill Dev & Entrepreneurship | Opening Address by Praveen Kumar | #charcha2020
Civil Society & Prosperity | Paradoxes of the pandemic - narratives & realities | #charcha2020
Civil Society & Prosperity | Every Youth a Jagrik: Every Space Nurturing Jagriks | #charcha2020
Civil Society & Prosperity | IDR Panel - Strengthening the influence of Civil Society | #charcha2020
Civil Society & Prosperity | Empowering the Poor | #charcha2020
Civil Society & Prosperity | Fighting Poverty With Charter Cities | #charcha2020
Civil Society & Prosperity | Politics without Romance : An Introduction to Public Choice | #charcha2020
Civil Society & Prosperity | Fireside Chat: How Liberty takes People out of Poverty | #charcha2020
Education | Budget Private Schools – Evolving Education Experience
Education | Moment of Reckoning- Govt Schools | #charcha2020
Education | Innovative Financing for education | #charcha2020
Education | Reminaging teachers and their role | #charcha2020
Education | Ed NGOs Responding to COVID crisis | #charcha2020
Education | Building Resilience | #charcha2020
Education | Ed-Tech: 1st Response to COVID-19 (India- 3 perspective) | #charcha2020
Education | Reimagining the role of parents and community in education | #charcha2020
Education | MP as a case study: COVID-19 response in education | #charcha2020
Education | Fireside chat with Ashish Dhawan and Rukmini Banerji | #charcha2020
Gender | Tackling increased instances of gender based violence and support survivors | #charcha2020
Gender | How do Policymakers need to respond to meet the needs of women? | #charcha2020
Gender | Why is investing in girls key to COVID recovery? | #charcha2020
Gender | How can we improve access to opportunities for transgender people | #charcha2020
Gender | Equal partners in the COVID recovery – how do we empower women in a post-COVID world?
Gender | How do we protect against the risk of increased child sex abuse and sex trafficking?
Gender | The Missing Half – How do we bring men to the gender conversation?
Gender | Story of Mahila Gram Sabha + Empowering more people from the grassroots to bring social change | #charcha2020
Gender | COVID-19 is a care crisis - Kavita Ramdas | #charcha2020
Financial Inclusion | Role of effective Social Protection for the poor | #charcha2020
Financial Inclusion | Accelerating financial inclusion for business continuity | #charcha2020
Financial Inclusion | Everybody Counts: Innovations in Financial Inclusion | #charcha2020
Financial Inclusion | Gender Lens of Financial Inclusion | #charcha2020
Financial Inclusion | Accelerating Innovations & Pathways for Inclusive Digital Finance | #charcha2020