November 19, 2020

Insights from Plenary Sessions at Charcha2020

Convergent India to a better post COVID world

The size and complexity of India’s developmental challenges requires all the stakeholders in the ecosystem to come together and bring their collective energy for impact. Rajiv Kumar, Vice Chairman, NITI Aayog in conversation with Amit Chandra, Managing Director, Bain Capital explored the current crisis, lending an opportunity for the convergence of multiple stakeholders particularly the Government, businesses  and the development sector, leading toIndia’s resurgence from this crisis.

Compassionate Economy for Sustainable Development

Nobel Peace Laureate and Father of Global Child Rights’ Movement, Kailash Satyarthi shared how the existing disparities and inequalities for the most vulnerable have exacerbated manifold during the COVID-19 pandemic. He further added about how applied  compassion can play a transformative role at this critical juncture for policy makers, businesses, international donor agencies, civil society actors, law enforcement agencies and public at large to collectively tide over this crisis so that the vulnerable particularly the most marginalized children and their communities are not left behind. To quote him,

“Economic policy must be driven by the well being of the last person in the society keeping religion and politics aside.” 

GauravGupta and Swetha Totapally from Dalberg and Anita Bhatia Deputy ED, UN Women also reiterated how COVID Crisis is affecting vulnerable sections of the community - be it children, women, differently abled or low income households.

Evolving Role of Foundations in India's Development Journey

Foundations have played a positive role in setting an agenda for inclusive development. The post-COVID world will require tactical, efficient and innovative adaptation strategies. An esteemed panel of speakers from world-renowned foundations -Rockefeller Foundation, Edelgive Foundation, Ford Foundation and Michael &Susan Dell Foundation explored how the role of foundations has evolved over the years.

Going back to Tabula Rasa

We live in a world of consumerism and are proud of our obsession with productivity, that has nurtured many questionable policies that have caused detrimental impact to the environment and the society in large. The current crisis has pushed policymakers, academicians, industry leaders and entrepreneurs to delve upon envisioning a new world economy that is socially and environmentally conscious.

While there has always been the debate of choosing recovery and rebuilding from scratch, NobelPeace Laureate Dr Muhammad Yunus joined charcha 2020 to share his opinion on the world economy beyond this pandemic. Rebuilding the economy would need a collective action from all the stakeholders in the ecosystem, and there could not be a better time for the entire world to come together and collaborate to build a new world.


Roopa Kudva concluded the session talking about Omidyar Network’s Rapid Response Funding Initiative to address the Covid-19 crisis thus re-emphasising the idea of focusing on the next half billion in India.

Kal aaj aur kal: how nonprofits need to adapt to changing needs

The panel comprising four stalwarts from the nonprofit sector shared their perspectives on the pandemic and its impact on the strategy, operations, culture within their organisations and beyond. They also explored how the nonprofits have been able to leverage resources and network to minimise the risks and achieve the overall serving purpose and thus adapting to the new normal.

Performance by Ricky Kej -  Grammy® Award Winning composer& environmentalist

Ricky Kej collaborated with artists across the world to create a concert that gives us all hope during these dark times. Being an environmentalist, Ricky also reminded us through his music, that nature is a reflection of ourselves, and the health and well being of our ecosystems is directly related to our health as human beings.

Indian economy - Recovery through inclusive growth

Renowned economists came together to discuss the way forward for the recovery of Indian economy through inclusive growth learning from the other countries, the need to provide safety nets for the most vulnerable while also building capacity in the economy and incorporating reforms in sectors to safeguard citizens against future shocks.

“What shall I do with all this money?” - perspectives on giving

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw and Binny Bansal shared their view on giving and their idea of accelerating impact through philanthropy.

Beyond 'charcha 2020': India's development priorities

Rohini Nilekani and Ashish Dhawan shared their views on the next steps for a resurgence in the development sector and their idea of rebuilding the nation in the closing plenary for the three day event.

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