Indian Development Landscape SDG 16 (2020)

SDG 16 (2020)

The/Nudge Forum hosted an interactive conversation around SDG 16 in India on 30 Sep. SDG 16 focuses on promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, the provision of access to justice for all, and building accountable institutions at all levels. The need for SDG 16 is felt even more in the Covid world.

We presented a landscape that maps organisations in India that are focusing on SDG 16 that will make it easy for everyone to understand various players in the ecosystem. We also invited  Subhashish Bhadra (Omidyar Network India), Sachin Malhan (Agami) working on SDG 16 in India to share their views about what needs to happen to make India a more equitable society.

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This is a first draft of our attempt to map the amazing work that is happening on SDG 16. If there are any organizations missing, please send us the details through this form. We will update this landscape periodically and keep you informed.
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