charcha 2021

aug 13-15 | 2 PM | online

It’s been a year since Charcha 2020 and the country has just begun to navigate its way out of a deadly second wave of Covid-19. Unlike the first wave, largely concentrated on cities, the second wave ravaged rural India as well and left a trail of destruction in its wake. Rebuilding from the pandemic, the development sector more than ever before needs to work together to ensure that our country has all the help it needs when it needs it.

For Charcha 2021, we are bringing together an impressive list of leading nonprofits, foundations and development sector experts for generating ideas, discussing solutions and making new connections in an open and inclusive environment. Thinkers, enablers, community leaders and policymakers will participate in 11 parallel events and discuss ways to discover, connect and innovate to solve the massive problems ahead with conviction and clarity.

We invite you to sign up and attend events in your area of interest. Welcome to Charcha 2021, let’s talk.

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