Recognising the balance between job growth, energy, access, demand and sustainability.

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Gender and Energy

Shipra Nayyar, Adritha Subbiah, Nidhi Pant & Abhishek Pathak

charcha2020 | Energy

Energy | Panel on COVID-19 as a communications opportunity for the energy sector | #charcha2020

charcha2020 | Energy

Energy | Panel discussion on decentralized energy | #charcha2020

The impact of the pandemic on the future of Energy sector and on ambitious decentralized energy projects, which are currently underway.

charcha2020 | Energy

Energy | Clean Energy Innovation Spotlights | #charcha2020

5 organizations present innovations related to ‘clean energy’, ranging from fuel cell energy storage technology to an emission control device.

charcha2020 | Energy

Energy | Panel on the role of clean energy agenda in post-COVID economic recovery | #charcha2020

The role a stronger green energy agenda can have in optimizing for energy access; environment; jobs in a post-COVID world.

charcha2020 | Energy

Energy | Fireside chat on the post-COVID energy agenda | #charcha2020

Is COVID-19 more of an obstacle or an opportunity in our journey towards a greener future with clean energy?

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